June 30, 2018 Dance Recital

Recital Information

Located at The Village Theater Auditorium 1140 N. Tustin St. Orange, Ca. 92867. June 30, 2018

Marie's Dance Academy recitals are available for students ages 3 1/2 and over. Recital performances are performed twice a year (June & December) and allow the dancers to show family and friends what they’ve learned in dance class.

Each class will perform their own dance in the recital. The dancers will have their own area in the auditorium audience to watch the other dances in the show. Dancers will have a dress rehearsal on the same day as recital, right before the actual recital performance. The recital will be between 2:30-7:30pm. You will receive 3 weeks advance notice on your 2 hour time slot.

Recital tickets are $15 each for ages 3- adult and are available for purchase online at www.mariesacademydancers.com Recital tickets are first come first serve until sold out and is general admission. Dancers do not need a ticket.

Recital costumes do not include tights. Tights need to be purchased through the dance studio to ensure all dancers have the same color and style tights. You can purchase recital tights online at www.mariesacademydancers.com Recital tights are $8 for child sizes and $10 for adult sizes.

Recital costumes do not include dance shoes. Tap dances need tan tap shoes. Ballet dances need pink leather ballet shoes. Jazz and Pom-Pom dances need tan jazz shoes. Please ask your child's instructor what style of dance your child's class will be performing. You will need to purchase the shoes at Discount Dance Supply www.discountdance.com

Picture day will be held at Marie’s Dance Academy in June 2018 during class time. Pictures are $45. (optional). You will receive 2 weeks advance notice on the dates.

On recital day, you will sign in your child and drop them off with their dance instructor at the recital auditorium for dress rehearsal. No parents or guests allowed in the auditorium during rehearsal. Parents will be in line to enter the theater during the students dress rehearsal.

All dancers will need flowers on recital day for the grand finale. You can purchase flowers at any flower shop or store. When the performance is finished, one parent per dancer will pick up their child from on stage.

If you have any questions, please contact Miss Marie at 714-538-5826 or email us at [email protected]

Thank you,

Marie’s Dance Academy

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